Crash landing & reviewing the flight data recorder

This is my second time flying with MVRCC after a successful first flight, and several smaller flights out at Brookland Middle School.  This time, Andrea is with me and we headed down to Wagner field so I can show her all the cool RC airplanes.

I eagerly got the plane charged and ready to fly.  There was a bit more wind today than in my past flights,  and the plane doesn’t quite feel like it’s handling as good as it did the first few flights.

Well, I got the airplane into a spiral, and was unable to get it out.   In truth, I was over-correcting trying to get it out when I should have just let go of the stick and let the plane correct itself…beginner’s error!  Well, the wing was broken in the crash and not much else.  That’s not too bad I guess, but it ended flying for the day.

One thing that was successful about the flight today was that the keychain camcorder I ordered off of E-bay was tested and worked great!  That was what I used to shoot this video with .  I’m glad I had it pointing towards the rear of the plane.  I was able to see the control surfaces and see where I screwed up!

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