Dining Room Floor Refurbishment

I found out that Andrea enjoys working on home improvement projects.  She was interested in getting dusty and dirty helping me with my latest project of refinishing my dining room floor.

I remodeled my kitchen and dining room a few years ago, which involved removing the wall between the dining room and the kitchen area, then moving the fridge to the other side.  I then painted it all and made it look nice.  The problem was that the dining room floor got left while I worked on painting and refinishing the living room.  This was primarily because the dining room floor would take a beating too while the living room was getting remodeled.  Well, the living room is done…time to do the Dining room!

I, armed with an orbital pneumatic sander and Andrea, armed with an electric sander, attacked the floor and all the scratches, paint dribbles, and other imperfections.   The sanding took the good part of a Saturday afternoon, but went quicker than I thought it would.  After it was done, I could already see the difference!

Working on a project with someone you love is fun and it’s great to have someone to chat with while working.

With all the sanding done, we vacuumed and washed all the sanding dust off the floor, and put the first coat of polyurethane varnish on it

The job turned out quite impressive!  The new coat of varnish was nice and shiny without any blemishes!  Later on in the week, I put a second coat of polyurethane varnish on the floor to protect it even further.

With Andrea’s enjoyment of doing home projects, I imagine we are going to be doing some more stuff like this in the future to fix the old shack up, as I enjoyed the project so much better with someone I love!  It’s great to look back on a project to and say that it’s something we did together!

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