Back bedroom cleanout

The back bedroom in my house has been a depository for years for random junk that really has no other place.  Things I didn’t really need, but didn’t want to get rid of.  Well, prior to meeting Andrea, I was getting the message that I needed to clean out my house.  The back bedroom was so crammed with junk that the only floor space was the tiny bit of space that the door opened into.  There was all sorts of stuff in there from stereo speakers, furniture, old video name it!

Over the course of the past 8 months or so, I have been slowly selling things, giving things away, and making more space little by little.  I had gotten down to the point of being able to see the floor, but the old twin bed in there was still covered with stuff, and there was just a lot of random small bits of things just sitting around.

Tonight, Andrea and I installed some shelves up on the wall, and we disassembled the twin bed.  That bed had been mine since I was about 8 years old.  The mattress was that old too.  The mattress was in bad shape, so it’s getting pitched.  With the bed out of the way, a huge expanse of space was opened up.  I was storing AV cables underneath the bed, but I moved those to some rubbermaid bins.   My Lionel train set was being stored on top the bed in cardboard boxes.  That got moved to rubbermaid bins too.  There was all sorts of random bits that got thrown out tonite, like a broken lampshade, and an orphan remote control.  I also eradicated large colonies of dust bunnies that were residing under the bed, the TV’s and other furniture.

The last thing I am debating getting rid of is my antique television collection.  The newer one is a 1974 Zenith Chromacolor, and the older one is a 1955 Zenith.  Both of the televisions work.  I hooked up the 1974 television to a digital converter box and showed it to Andrea.  She thought it was pretty cool and doesn’t think I should get rid of it after watching it work, and I am becoming apprehensive too.  I just like old electronics!  The thing is, I need to figure out where to put it, with her belongings on the way in several months.

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