Addicted to Flying!

I purchased to toys for myself after making a little spending money at work…a Blade MCX  helicopter, and a Champ airplane.  Both of these airplane models are considered “micros” as they are some of the smallest RC airplanes out there.  The helicopter is only about 7 inches in diameter, and the little airplane is about 14 inches wing span.  The cool thing about these toys is that they use the new 2.4Ghz technology, where my SuperCub plane I got back in the wintertime uses the old – fashioned 27 Mhz radio…that’s the CB radio band for those who are not radio geeks.  The 2.4 Ghz also means I can use 1 remote transmitter for both models 🙂

I tested both toys out tonite.  I Flew the Champ off of the driveway between my house and my neighbor’s, but despite there being very few trees, there’s just too many obstructions like fences, cars, clotheslines, and the power lines that go between our houses.  OTOH, the little helicopter was much easier to fly out in the yard, and very fun!  The helicopter hovers very well and has all sorts of gyro technology in it.  It doesn’t fly very fast, so there’s little problem with running into something.

I’ll save the plane for a more open location, but the helicopter is great in limited locations, and even works great inside my house!  The thing about the helicopter is that each time I fly it, I get a little bit more skilled with it, so I couldn’t keep my hands off of it tonight playing with it and getting a little better each time I flew it.  In all, I got 5 flights in.  The only thing keeping me from flying it more tonight was having to wait for the battery to recharge.  It was a good thing too, because During that time, I got some of my necessary chores done I had planned to do tonight while waiting on the battery!

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