Vacation Bible School

Andrea and I have embarked on a little challenge that is at least new to me.  We have been teaching the 6th grade class at Staples Mill Road Baptist Church.  I am typically a “behind the scenes” guy and typically do not work directly with people.  I did however have some expertise in dealing with kids of this age from my foray as a Scoutmaster.  Andrea has more experience working with kids, but it’s been younger kids.   I have also been wanting to get to know some of the youth group kids at church a bit better too.

So far, the week has been going quite well.  The theme is “Saddleback Ranch”  which is obviously a country/western theme.

Sunday night we got to meet our class.  it was 6 boys, no girls.  Okay, this works sorta good in that my Boy Scoutmaster experience can kick in here, but it would have been nice to have a mixed group.  Some of the boys were not there by choice, but because their parents just wanted to get them out of the house.  Their expectations of VBS was that it would be sort of like regular school…paperwork, studying, etc.  Two of the boys are a bit ADHD, but rather smart.  All of the boys raised some very good questions during the evening with the topic of discussion of “where did we come from”  So much in fact that the discussion went on a little bit late and we wish we had more time.  Overall, I think they opened up good and were much more at ease after they figured out that VBS was not going to be like regular school, and would actually be kind of fun!

Andrea and I have been working with a well spelled out lesson plan that involves all sorts of activities and games, but we reached the conclusion that much of the material was a bit too juvenile for that age group.  Although we were keeping to the lesson, we got a bit deeper and sort of worked things out to our own plan.  This seems to be working for the boys and reaches deeper.

As far as the other activities go, the boys appeared bored with the music, but by Tuesday night seemed to be getting into it some.  As far as the games go, well, that and the snack time seemed to be their favorite part!  Crafts on the other hand seemed to be a mixed review…  The crafts Sunday night they didn’t seem to e too interested in.  One was a paper bible cover thing that contained verses.  The other was a small horse pencil topper made out of faux leather.  Wednesday night crafts though went over very well with the guys.  They made bandannas for bandanna night.  They got quite creative and loved playing around with the stamps, paints and markers!

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