Kitchen cabinets

My kitchen cabinets have been a total wreck for quite a while.  There’s all sorts of junk in them that I have not used in years that I can simply get rid of.  The biggest issue is that things are stacked and piled to the point that it’s impossible to get anything out easily, or at least without causing an avalanche!

I headed to Home Depot and purchased a large 1 X 12 board and some shelf brackets.  Andrea and I unloaded everything out of the first 3 cabinets and started tackling getting them organized.  We empited all the contents of the cabinets onto the counters and began to sort through it all. We found containers without lids, and lids without containers that are among the many things, as well as all sorts of stuff that was just simply in poor condition that could be pitched.  Much of the stuff that hasn’t been used in a while was also very dirty, so everything in the cabinets got cleaned.

I headed out to the garage and fired up the table saw.  I cut several shelf boards out of the larger board to fit in the cabinets while Andrea washed all the dishes.  I then came back inside and drilled additional holes in the cabinet to hold the shelf brackets, then installed the new shelves.  The difference was quite dramatic!  No longer did one need to heft a huge stack of plates up to get one out, and everything simply looks much neater and cleaner now! We will be working on the rest of the cabinets soon, but this was a great start and makes the kitchen much more usable!

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