Hottest day of the year, and the AC is broke!

Well, here we are at 105 degrees, only my van thinks it’s between 108 and 109 degrees.

Andrea and I went to the river this weekend anyways despite the insanely hot temperatures.  Normally, we spend most of the time outside, but the heat was so insane, we ended up staying inside either our camper or my parents camper much of the time.   The motorboat never went in the water, nor did the sailboat.  There was not much wind either, which made things even more unbearable.  We turned in early saturday night, stayed in the camper watching DVD’s and reading books.  Normally, we would be down on the docks enjoying the moonlight and the stars, but even at 9pm, it was just too hot!

We decided to leave early around noontime on Sunday simply because it was so hot.  We drove the van down this time because it has nice chilly AC in it…at least it did when we rode down on Friday.  For the trip home Sunday afternoon however, the air conditioner would only blow out of the defroster vent, and it wasn’t all that cold.  At least I have two air conditioners, and the rear AC unit sort of took over the job that the front AC wasn’t doing.  The trip home was hot, but it wasn’t to the point of being uncomfortable, and I thank God it didn’t fail completely.

The internet though saves the day, and saves me a lot of money!  I just googled “astro van air conditioner blows out of defroster”, and the first link that came up was a how-to-fix site where someone had documented this problem and exactly how to fix it!  The fix warranted a trip to the auto parts shop for about $3 worth of some rubber hose, and about a half an hour to disassemble a few parts on top of the engine…and there it was!  an air hose with two holes rubbed in it!   I cut out the damaged sections and replaced it with a new section.  The air conditioner now blows nice and chilly again, and out of the correct vents

For any of you all that want the details, here they are!

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