Murphy’s law strikes again!

Okay, so what do you do when you have a boat, and you have guests that have never been on a boat before?  Well, you take them out on the boat and show them how much fun it is!

You don’t however want to show them how cantankerous and annoying a boat can be!  Unfortunately, the boat thinks otherwise!  While buzzing across the Chesapeake Bay with Andrea’s father and brother on board, the motor suddenly looses power and slows to about a jogging pace.  The motor develops a regular misfire about 4 miles offshore and begins only running on 3 of it’s 4 cylinders.  I abort the mission to show them the creek across the way and head back to the campground.

Well, at least the sailboat is working!  So, Andrea and I rig the Hobie cat up and go out for a sail for over an hour and totally enjoy it!

Still, the inevitable awaits us, an outboard motor that doesn’t want to cooperate.  Dad headed to the local NAPA to see what he could find to get the motor running better while Andrea and I were out sailing.  I pulled the spark plug wires off each individual plug and found that it was the top cylinder not firing.  I removed the plug and found a clod of debris in the plug’s gap.  After swapping the plug, the motor still didn’t run as good as it should, so we shot some foaming carburator cleaner it it.  Again, this helped, but it wasn’t as good as it should be running.

Admitting defeat, we put the motor back together, and hauled it up to the mechanic!  When Dad drove it over to the marina however, the motor wasn’t running too bad for him though, so we did so SOMETHING for our effort!

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One Response to Murphy’s law strikes again!

  1. Lucia Zilinski says:

    Good thing I wasn’t on the boat. I would have been freaking out. Grin

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