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Action Movie Cliches

All cars and trucks  have high-performance V8 engines in them no matter how small or meager they are. Sound travels through outer space, despite there not being any air to carry the sound. Control panels and instrumentation carries high voltages.  … Continue reading

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Okay, so where did all the gas go?

So, you’re probably wondering by now what happened to the propane gas.  The easy answer would have been a slow leak of some sorts, but it wasn’t a gas leak, but an electrical leak…that’s right! You may have noticed some … Continue reading

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Where did all the gas go?

Okay, here’s a troubleshooting puzzle for you: I have a small travel trailer that I park on a seasonal campsite during the summer.  While it is parked there, I plug it into a 30 ampere power outlet.  The power connection … Continue reading

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