Action Movie Cliches

All cars and trucks  have high-performance V8 engines in them no matter how small or meager they are.

Sound travels through outer space, despite there not being any air to carry the sound.

Control panels and instrumentation carries high voltages.  Any malfunction, or “off the scale” readings causes the equipment to short out and spark.

Computers always beep, buzz, click, or make other sounds while they are processing information despite the fact that there are no moving parts inside them.

Decompression in a spacecraft or aircraft is powerful and lasts a long duration despite the fact that atmospheric air pressure is only 15 PSI over outer space (about half of what a car tire has in it.)

Bombs are always defused at the last second, which is surprising, because the timers don’t count down when the camera is not on them.

Drugs and pharmaceuticals have an almost instantaneous reaction when taken.

Any machine can be repaired with a little “Percussive Maintenance”, or hitting the machine. Likewise, any machine can be completely disabled or stopped by simply opening a cover, and yanking a random bundle of wires out.

Every automobile made is a highly explosive device.  Even the slightest damage to one can set off a huge fire and/or explosion.

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