Okay, so where did all the gas go?

So, you’re probably wondering by now what happened to the propane gas.  The easy answer would have been a slow leak of some sorts, but it wasn’t a gas leak, but an electrical leak…that’s right!

You may have noticed some of the electric outlets in your home may have little buttons in between the sockets.   These are called ground-fault interrupters, or GFI.  This are a nice safety device that can reduce the risk of electric shock in a wet location.  Electricity flows out of one of the slots in a socket, to an appliance, and back in the other slot.  If something goes wrong however, the same amount of electricity doesn’t return to the socket, because it is flowing to ground, possibly through someone!  If it’s a GFI socket, it cuts off the power instantly!

Back to the camper.  Well, we haven’t gotten a lot of storms, but we did get some rain down there.  Remember the extension cord that was running to the screened tent?  Well, it fell off the table inside and was on the ground, in water when it rained.  BINGO!  The GFI in the camper cut off the power when some of it “leaked” to ground.   I found the GFI cut off a few times when I got down to the camper, and just reset it not thinking about why or what else happened.  Guess what!  The refrigerator is connected to the same GFI outlet, but instead of shutting off, it switched automatically over to propane gas.  A GFI outlet can protect other outlets and appliances that are wired on the same circuit.

So, the next time you have a mysterious problem where some outlets aren’t working in your house, check the GFI outlet, but make sure to check what’s plugged into them first and make sure there isn’t an electrical hazard first before resetting it

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