The Haunted Power Plant


At the turn of the century, during the peak of the Industrial Revolution, a massive power plant was built in the town of Rock Point.  This huge power plant had massive boilers that were over 4 stories tall and would devour a whole trainload of coal in a day.  It had huge turbines and generators that were longer than a bus.  The town of Rock Point was happy about their new power plant because it provided the comfort and luxury of electricity to them.  They proudly turned on their electric lights and relaxed as their new appliances took care of the drudgery of household chores.  Not only did the power plant provide comfort and convenience, it also provided jobs to the town.  Hundreds of townspeople everyday were needed to feed the huge fire-breathing boilers and keep the big generators spinning smoothly so the town would stay lit.  Seeing the streams of smoke puffing out of the massive industrial monstrosity became a comforting sight to the little town as they knew it made their life so much better.

Almost one hundred years later though, the huge power plant was wearing out.  It was becoming old and inefficient.  The power company decided to build a high-tech new solar plant a few miles down the road to provide the town with clean, efficient power.  The workers from the old power plant packed up and moved down the road to the new one.  The hot, fiery boilers grew cold and dark.  The giant, whirring generators ground to a halt, and the once bustling floors and walkways were now barren as the last worker walked out and threw the switches to off, where they would forever remain.

The old power plant now stands dark and silent over the town.  No more smoke comes from the smokestacks, the parking lots were being overcome by weeds and the windows have all cracked and fallen out.  An old relic like this however is gold for people called urban explorers.  Like spelunkers that explore natural caves, they sneak into abandoned industrial sites like this equipped with rope, harnesses and cameras ,  armed to climb around, and explore the way it was years ago.  Recently, three urban explorers, Jimmy, Eric, and Michael slipped through the gates of the industrial ruins of this powerplant to check it out, but they never were seen again!

Many of the people that live near the old power plant and the retired workers though claim the place is haunted, and they don’t dare set foot in the place again.  There have been claims that people in town have seen wisps of smoke coming out of the stacks occasionally, and they have heard the sounds of machinery running, but nobody has been able to document these, and most of the claims are just shrugged off as there is no way the rusted old broken machinery within could ever run again.

The three young men walked briskly across the cracked concrete pavement  as the sun set laughing off the silly stories they had heard saying that they will find out for themselves.  “It’s probably some homeless people in there trying to keep warm” Eric said in response to Jimmy talking about the smoke people have seen.  They opened up a huge metal door on the side of the building that the coal trains would roll through to feed the plant and stepped inside.  The door slowly closed behind them with a loud metal on metal crash.  Jimmy and Eric jumped, but Michael laughed at them, as he watched the huge door slowly slide back shut.  “What are you afraid of guys, don’t all horror cliché’s start like this” Michael laughed!

“I want to check out the boiler room”  Eric said.  Michael and Jimmy said they wanted to check out the generators first.  “Well, let’s split up”  Eric said, so he ventured in the other direction as the other two guys headed to find the generator room. Eric walked forward towards the boiler room as the sound of the other two guys talking echoed through the concrete and steel caverns while they walked away.  Eric walked into the boiler room.  The towering steel boilers stood silhouetted against the moonlight streaming in the broken skylights.  He walked slowly forward as a few remaining pieces of coal crunched under his feet.  Although wind whistled through the broken windows, the room was completely silent now that the others were in the generator room.

Meanwhile,  Jimmy and Michael were in the generator room looking at the huge turbines.  They spotted an old transformer with somg glass insulators on top.  “Let’s get some of those things for souviners”  Jimmy said.  Michael, though was a bit worried.  “Those things are dangerous to climb on”  He said.  “Don’t worry, the power has been off for years, you can’t get shocked” .  So, they climbed the ladder to the top of the transformer.  At the top, Jimmy snapped a few pictures of the huge open space and all the industrial machinery below.  Michael took off his backpack and began fumbling around.  “Good thing I brought some tools with me!”  he said.  “Perfect!”  Jimmy said, let’s see if we can pull some of these out!

Jimmy reached up, cut a high-voltage cable and let it drop onto the top of the transformer.  With the tension on the cable being released, a shock wave went down the cable.  It shook, rattled and echoed everything throughout the building.  The guys stood and watched the cable in amazement as it withered like an angry snake through the building and collapsed onto the top of the transformer.   “That was wicked! You shoulda got a video of that”  Jimmy said to Michael as the cable settled down and the room fell silent once again.

As they worked on freeing an insulator, Michael perks up.  “What’s that noise” Michael says.  “I don’t hear anything really” Jimmy said.  “There it goes again” Michael said.  “Yea!  I heard it that time too, that sounds like steam” They looked at each other “Naw, it can’t be”  so they went on about their business trying to free the insulator.  A few minutes later, the room fills with steam, venting from all sorts of pipes.  They couldn’t see a thing, as the entire generator was filling with steam quickly.  “Aw man!  This is crazy!  Where’s this steam coming from!”  Michael said.  He looked up out of the skylight and saw smoke coming from the smokestacks cutting through the moonlit sky.  “Dude!  There’s no way Eric fired up those boilers, they take a lot more work to get going than one man can do”

As they pondered the steam as it filled the room, another noise, a humming, whirring noise began to come from below them.  “I don’t know about you, but to me, that sounds like a generator starting up” Michael said to Jimmy.  “Can’t be, can’t be” Jimmy said, “But if it is, we’re up on this thing and we’re toast”  They hurried around on top of the transformer, but couldn’t find the ladder because the steam filled the room and obscured what little sight they had in the darkness.

Back in the boiler room, as Eric walked down the row of boilers, each one of them fired up with a bright VROOMP as he passed him.  The room filled with an erie flickering glow from the light of the fires in the boilers.  The boiler room filled with coal dust and smoke from the boilers as they sprang to life. He looked towards the control panel on the opposite wall attempting to figure out what was going on and how to shut the boilers back off.  Not far from him, he caught the glimpse of a ghostly figure in a pair of overalls opening valves and flipping switches on the control panel.  He decided to run around the ghost and attempt to shut things back down again.  As he attempted to close the valves and cu the switches back off, a coal cart hit him, knocking him off his feet and into the cart.  The cart, with Eric in it careened towards a boiler on the other side of the room.

Back in the generator room, the guys were now motionless as they were listening to the generators spinning up slowly.  The high voltage cable they cut was now moving again just like after they cut it, but this time it was charged with energy.   Lightning bolts of power flashed through the steam-filled generator room like a thunderstorm on a summer night.  Jimmy and Michael couldn’t do anything. Michael decided to get out his cell phone and call for help.  The last thing that their twitter feed said was “room filled with steam and lightening” and that’s the last that was post ever seen from them.

The next afternoon, a power company security guard got wind of the news that three boys had gone into the power plant, but had not been heard from, so he headed down to the old power plant to check things out.  He walked through the building looking for any signs of the boys.  He spotted one of their digital cameras sitting on the floor of the generator room.  It was beat up and battered, so he decided to take it back to his office and check it out.  The security guard removed the memory chip from the damaged camera and placed it into his card reader.  Up on the screen of his computer was the most amazing sight of pictures throughout the plant.  In the pictures, the plant was lit up, workers were everywhere shoveling coal in the boilers, adjusting valves, lubricating the generators….just like it had been back in the plant’s heyday!  Over the history of the plant’s life 13 workers died within.  Upon further investigation, the pictures were all of those workers that had lost their life working in the power plant over its history. However, there were no signs of the boys in any of the digital pictures on the camera!


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