Our Cruise log: The trip down

This is the first in the series of entries from our cruise trip this past fall with my parents.  We traveled to Fort Lauterdale by car from Richmond in my parents VW station wagon.  The trip down was largely uneventful, but we enjoyed the slowly warming temperatures as we traveled south. We stopped in South Carolina in a hotel about halfway down, and then picked up the trip again to Fort Lauterdale the next day.  Of course, we had to stop at the Florida visitor’s center for some fresh orange juice!

As we got into Fort Lauterdale, the weather got warmer, but grayer.  We arrived at the Embassy Suites there in the evening around 5 pm after traveling almost 850 miles and.  I think the hotel looked a bit like the Hollywood tower of terror ride at Disney.  From another angle, it even looked like the album cover to the Eagles “Hotel California”.  It was a very nice hotel, with a great view from the balcony of the cruise ship port.

After checking in, we ate dinner at Outback Steakhouse across the street,  and then Dad and I walked around the hotel and took some pictures of some of the beautiful flowers and vegetation growing around the hotel.  Later on, we then got our bags organized and ready to board the ship the next day!

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