New TDI sportwagen


sportwagen rear

I specifically ordered an Antarctic Blue Sport wagon with the rally fun pack and a CB radio

Those were the famous words of Clarke Griswold in the famous “National Lampoons Family Vacation” movie just before he ended up with the clunky Wagon Queen Family Truckster to take his family cross country to Wally world in.  Well, this Sportwagen isn’t Antarctic blue and it doesn’t have a CB radio, but it has a bluetooth interface for a cell phone.  Not sure about the Rally fun pack, but it does handle great!  …Well, VW didn’t even build Sportwagens in 1983, so that may be the reason why Mr. Griswold didn’t get what he ordered when he visited Lew Glutz motors.

My father however got one just like this in September. His is bright red, and he purchased it just before all the “diseslgate” mess of Volkswagen cheating on the emissions testing blew over.  In November, we traveled in an 850 mile trip to Fort Lauterdale for a cruise aboard the Regal Princess.  The car, stuff to the gills with people and luggage got over 40 miles to the gallon and was a real pleasure to drive on the open road.  With the way that car handled the trip, we decided that this model car would be a good one to add to our list of preferred vehicles to get.

Andrea and I purchased this Volkswagen TDI sportwagen this past March.  We went ahead and decided to get a 4-door car because getting children into the rear seat of a 2-door car, which her Toyota Yaris was, was a bit of a challenge.  With doors to the rear seats, the additional interior room, and the excellent fuel economy, this car is going to earn it’s keep as a great family car.   Add to that, the responsive handling, excellent seats, and of course, a good audio system, this is an incredibly good highway car that will make the miles go quickly.

My only negative on this car is the color.  It’s is what I call “road color”  In the image above, it’s parked on a bright orange parking space, but if you look just beyond that at the unpainted asphalt, you can see it’s the same color. Luckliy, Volkswagen has equipped the car with daytime running lights which helps it from being camouflaged. We may put a pinstripe on the side as well.  I also would have liked a navigation system in the stereo….

….But, beggars cannot be choosers.  We bought this car with 56,000 miles on the odometer, and a few thousand miles left of the manufacturer’s warranty 🙂  This car is in like new condition and was very well cared for, so the color is an extremely minor issue!

Here’s another picture with my in-laws Toyota Prius of the same color….two totally different fuel saving technology designs together, but with the same performance results.  We are headed down to Florida together soon, so will be seeing who gets the best mileage 😉

sportwagen with prius




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