Mid Century Modern in my neighborhood.

Anyone that knows me well enough knows I like the contemporary and modern architecture of the 1950’s and 1960’s.  It came from a time when the USA prospered and the future looked bright.  This outlook was reflected in architectural design.  In Richmond VA however, most home architecture is very traditional and conservative.  Most homes have typical double-hung windows and stick with an appearance that have been used for the past 200-400 years….there’s not much cool and unique when it comes to homes in Richmond!

There are a few exceptions however, and around our neighborhood in the Northside of Henrico, I have noticed there are quite a few scattered in the midst of traditional ranchers, tri-levels, and colonials.  Here are a few that I have seen driving and biking around the neighborhood.  I have noticed that the landscaping and upkeep of most of these is quite good, indicating that the owners appreciate their homes, and their unique style and are not just a “a place to sleep”.  I would love to go into some of these homes and check out what they look like inside.

Note:  all exterior images are from Google Earth, as It would look creepy going around and snapping photos of houses!


This one is right at 1715 Hungary Road and easily seen.  I pass it frequently as I travel around.

1725 Hungary Road


This one at the corner of North Run Drive and Joceyln Court is one of my absolute favorites.  The landscaping is exceptionally well done!  It even looks good from the back side, with a nice glass-enclosed porch behind the garage.



This one particular on Prince Avenue  is a rather common design I’ve seen in Northern Virginia in the Fairfax area, but this is the only one I know of here in the Richmond area.  I know a friend that lives in a home of this design in Fairfax, so I can describe it.

The Living room is is actually in the smaller single-story left wing with a vaulted ceiling.  The front door is on the left side of the 2-story middle section with an open staircase directly ahead that sort of resembles the one in the Brady Bunch house from the TV show.  To the right of the staircase is a guest bedroom / office area (just like the Brady house!). Kitchen and dining area is across the back with a family room.  upstairs, the master bedroom is across the front, and 3 other bedrooms are across the back.  The single-story wing on the right hand side is a garage.  The design is very spacious and open inside.  It’s design could actually be more accurate to the TV show set than the exterior image they seen at the beginning of the show.


These two are rather conventional looking split-levels, the first one being at the corner of Wilmecote Avenue, and the second being on the corner of Maji drive.  What’s cool about these is the entryway with the little square windows on each side, and the hanging lamps:


Another cool one On Forest Glen Drive.  Looks like a tri-level that has has a garage added onto it, along with other rooms, but it has been done tastefully and keeping with the design of the home:


Here’s another one on Forest Glen Road, a rancher with a big carport and a large front window



This one here on Delma Drive is a split-level that was on the market a few years ago.  This house is a split-level with a unique balcony that goes from the front to the side

This house was on the market a few years ago (sold for $200,000) and I was able to pull some interior shots off of the real estate ad.  The interior looks more seventies, than sixties, especially the “sputnik” light fixtures in the foyer, and the dining room.  The wood-paneled basement with the yellow-tile floor is definitely out of the seventies! The kitchen however looks to have been renovated within the past 10 years or so, and looks out of place with the rest of the house


Well, this was a short tour of the homes I’ve seen within a bike-ride distance from my home here.  I imagine there may be more farther away from me, but I figured I’d post some of what catches my eye as I’m toolin about!


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