Laser thermometer: troubleshooting a car

A laser thermometer is perhaps one of the most useful tools you can have in your toolbox for checking things around the house and the car!  They are not very expensive…You can pick a basic one up and most home improvement box stores or hardware stores for around $40 for a basic model.

You can use them for sooo many things!

They are good for finding leaks around windows and doors in your home

Check air duct temperature on heat and air conditioning for proper functioning

Aim at aquarium to check water temperature

find overheating components in a computer or other electronic devices, or dead electronic components (they won’t be warm!)

find air ducts or hot water pipes within walls

check if a light bulb (or other object) is still hot before changing or touching  it.

There are many uses when working on the car too:

Here’s a quick video of using one in my car.  I had a bad fuel injector (that’s the clicking noise you are hearing) that was keeping a cylinder from firing.  I was able to tell exactly which one was causing the misfire and rough running because that cylinder was running cooler than the others when I held the laser thermometer at the exhaust manfold:




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