“The Challenger” game

This is a simple “arcade” game if you can call it that, from what I am guessing, from the seventies.  The goal of the game is to move the wand through the entire bar without touching it.  Sort of like playing the board game “operation” where you remove the object from the body without touching the side.  If you do, then you get a BUZZ.

The problem was that when a dime was placed in it, the game would not go into play mode, but would simply take the money and reset….an annoying problem that anyone has ever used a vending device has had.

When a coin is inserted, and the game goes into play mode, additional lamps will light up on the front panel.  Those lights stay lit as the game is played until the bar is touched and the game is “lost”.  Red lamps in the middle will light at this point, and a buzzer is sounded for a few seconds.  At that point, the game goes back into standby mode.

What was happening is that when a coin was inserted, one of the lamp sockets that illuminates when the game goes into play mode had a wire touching ground.  When power was applied to the lamp, the power supply would short out and shut off, instead of allowing a user to play the game.  A short buzz would be heard, and it would go dark until the power supply reset.

Here’s a video on how it all works;

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