Time to get the lawmower ready!



20170226_153603We have had an early spring this year in Virginia!  I am usually not cutting grass until the beginning of April, but we have flowers blooming and grass growing already!  I went up to Home Depot and spent about $70 getting the old lawnmower ready for the season  YIKES!  I remembered what it was like owning Honda automobiles back when I was young and the insane price they charge for parts. Thankfully, I had some gift cards I got for Christmas.   Here’s a rundown of the parts I needed and what they cost:

$17  each,  Two wheels:  Home-Depot only had rear wheels (with the gears on them for the self propel)  I disconnected the broken self-propel years ago when it failed, so I didn’t need self-propel wheels, but they didn’t have standard wheels, which may have been cheaper

$23 Double blade set:  Honda lawnmowers have two blades on them…one to cut the grass, the other to mulch it.  Only the cutting blade was worn, but they only had a package with both blades in it.

$5 Kohler air filter.  I found out that a Kohler air filter is the same size as a Honda air filter, so I saved $3 by not buying the Honda one.  Air filters clog up frequently in lawnmowers and will cause hard starting and other problems.  Before each mowing, if it’s been dusty, remove the filter and tap it to knock the dust out…replace each season, or more if it gets dirty

$4  Quart of oil.  It’s good to change the oil in your lawnmower frequently.  Lawnmowers do not have oil filters, so if you want your engine to last, change every 25 hours, or each season, whichever comes first.

$6  Starter cord:  The starting cord was getting a little frayed, and I was worried that it would break, and I wouldn’t be able to start the motor when I needed it to.  I took the top off the lawnmower and re-strung the cord reel.

After replacing all these maintenance items, I poured fresh fuel into it and it started up on the first pull of the cord!  BTW, it’s a good idea at the end of the season to burn all the gas out of the mower so it doesn’t sit and go stale during the winter…ethanol gas tends to do that!  This lawnmower is already about 20 years old, hopefully I can keep it going for another 20

My parents lawn however started growing before mine did, so I mowed it today but mine is going to need it by next weekend!  Some people loathe cutting grass, but I enjoy it, especially during the springtime when the weather isn’t very hot yet.




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