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Time to get the lawmower ready!

    We have had an early spring this year in Virginia!  I am usually not cutting grass until the beginning of April, but we have flowers blooming and grass growing already!  I went up to Home Depot and spent … Continue reading

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Controlling the Christmas lights

Who wants to to out on a 20-degree night and unplug strings of Christmas lights that are decorating the house?   Nobody I imagine!  For this reason, I have had a project in the works to resolve that issue.  How could … Continue reading

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How do I stay so healthy?

For anyone who has known me in person, they may know that I am in excellent health. I do not take any medications, rarely get sick, my resting pulse rate is around 50 beats per minute, perfect blood pressure, I … Continue reading

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Laser thermometer: troubleshooting a car

A laser thermometer is perhaps one of the most useful tools you can have in your toolbox for checking things around the house and the car!  They are not very expensive…You can pick a basic one up and most home … Continue reading

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“The Challenger” game

This is a simple “arcade” game if you can call it that, from what I am guessing, from the seventies.  The goal of the game is to move the wand through the entire bar without touching it.  Sort of like … Continue reading

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Mid Century Modern in my neighborhood.

Anyone that knows me well enough knows I like the contemporary and modern architecture of the 1950’s and 1960’s.  It came from a time when the USA prospered and the future looked bright.  This outlook was reflected in architectural design.  … Continue reading

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Air conditioners need to be de-bugged too!

This past Saturday, my Air conditioner, only 2 years old or so began making a loud buzzing noise when it came on in the morning.  Andrea woke up early, and was trying to be quiet, as not to wake me, … Continue reading

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